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The Asart Counselling & Psychotherapy service for fostered, adopted people and their family or carers across the UK. The service is committed to providing high quality integrated therapeutic services that aims to contribute towards well being for adopted or fostered infants, children, young people, adults, their family or carers and anyone else affected by adoption.

Asart is a collective of integrative counselors and psychotherapists who are providing a service across the UK.

The Team Manager is a new and re-structured post within Asart that will assist in a number of key duties, including:

  • Contributing towards the evolving services that Asart provides
  • Monitoring and supporting Asart therapists with key aspects of safeguarding, risk assessment good practice
  • Attending quarterly group meetings
  • Providing managerial support to the overall running of the service

As this is a new post, Asart are open to discuss hours, specific duties and honorarium payments with applicants before application for an interview. It would be ideal for the applicant to have managerial experience or training at a level of NVQ Level 4 or 5. Applicants can also have the NVQ training paid for by Asart Associates if this is of interest and agreed.
The post may provide opportunities for therapeutic work, counseling or psychotherapy with fostered or adopted service users and their family or carers.

Asart is fully committed to equal opportunities for all team members and prospective team members.

Please contact Louis Sydney for further information and to discuss this further at:

Proposed interview dates are likely to take place at the end of April 2018 (to be confirmed)

What is ASART?

ASART is a group of adoption therapists who work in different locations in and around London.

  • Independent and self-employed
  • Specially trained
  • Experienced in child and family therapy
  • Government registered

Who comes to see an ASART therapist?

  • Adopted and long term fostered adults
  • Adoptive parents, prospective adopters and foster carers
  • Adopted or fostered children
  • Birth parents and other birth relatives

What do ASART therapists do?

Therapists offer confidential counselling and psychotherapy to all people who have been affected in any way by the experience of adoption. Our clients tell us that our services have helped them to:-

  • Work out new strategies
  • Develop insight and understanding
  • Manage stress
  • Learn more about the life long effect of adoption
  • Experience peace of mind